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The Wild Life full movie’Robinson. A tropical adventure ‘is presented as the true story of Robinson Crusoe, but this time is not counted by him but by a peculiar confidante: parrot Tuesday. In the new clip presented exclusively, the other animals of the island know the hero’s hand Tuesday, and although initially their presence is threatening them soon win their trust.


According to the official synopsis, Mak a alirrojo macaw lives in harmony with its colorful friends on a tropical island, a place that could well be ‘paradise’ … however, he missing some action: dreams watch The Wild Life full movie online of discovering a the new World. His desires seem to be heard when after a strong storm appears on the coast a ship aground and a strange species: Robinson Crusoe. This being is to Mak (whom Robinson dubs Tuesday) the window to the ‘new world’. The human will earn the trust of the group to be fully integrated. What animals did not know is that after the shipwreck landed him several feline intruders who pretend to dominate the island.

This is the latest film animation studio nWave StudioCanal, creators of other family entertainment tapes as ‘The Adventures of Sammy’ (2010) and ‘The Magic House’ (2013). In the version dubbed into Castilian, Carlos Latre, Joaquin Reyes and Alexandra JimĂ©nez have lent their voice to the protagonists.

outstanding The Little Prince (of which I already speak), and Robinson, a tropical adventure, an adaptation for children: These days two films that demonstrate the high level of European animation and its ability to compete with American blockbusters are released timeless classic Daniel Defoe (1660 – 1731), which is considered the first English novel and is the first time that takes to the big screen animated film.

We recommend you do not miss the clip that you offers exclusive and have leading this news.

Robinson is a colorful and funny movie with great characters, great pace and great animation. But how happens to other major European blockbusters (Justin and the Knights of Valour, for example), it lacks the ability to reach all audiences. It is too focused at children. That’s good, because there must be more films for children, but it has its downside, and parents can get a bit bored. Especially because, in the end, the film becomes a bit repetitive.

Except for that detail, it is a highly recommended film, especially for younger children, who will enjoy the adventures of this likeable group of animals.

What catches our attention is that in this film, the Indian who saved cannibals Crusoe and his friend would become not appear on Friday. Instead, the castaway find a wild animal tribe formed by Mak (a red-headed macaw and very curious dreamer who dubbed him “Tuesday” – “Tuesday” -); Kiki (one Kingfisher is caring and organizes the group of animals); Rosie (one Tapir who only thinks about food); Scrubby (an old goat who is always complaining); Carmello (a male chameleon camouflage a large capacity that allows you to even be invisible); Epi (a very young porcupine, flirty and carefree) and Pango (a male pangolin is an amazing aerial acrobat).

Along with Robinson arrive on the island (as in the novel), a dog (Aynsley) and two mangy cats (May and Evil), whose only obsession is revenge on Robinson Crusoe, with the help of his great litter and heartless pirates.

Robinson will have to fend off pirates and fearsome cats, with the help of his disastrous group of new friends. Will they survive?

Another of the most curious things about the film is that history is not counted through the eyes of Crusoe but from the point of view of these lovely animals living in a tiny desert island. In fact they think that this tiny island is all there is in the world; except Tuesday, who dreams of escape that small space in search of new horizons. So when the castaway reaches its universe they think it is a “sea monster”, which leads to funny gags.

The head of the film is Vincent Kesteloot, who directed another animated film set at sea, Sammy’s AVONTUREN 2 (2012), which had the adventures of a little turtle. Something that contributes to the spectacular sequences set in the sea.

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